Re: [PATCH] RESEND - SN: Add initial ACPI support

From: Jes Sorensen <>
Date: 2006-01-16 19:21:01
>>>>> "John" == John Keller <> writes:

John> Please disregard the earlier (01/14) post of this patch.  I
John> erroneously sent out an early version, which was not fully
John> merged with the latest ia64 git tree.

Hi John,

Looks much better. On top of Prarit's comments I just noticed this

+	if (!hubdev->hdi_flush_nasid_list.widget_p)
+		return;
+	hubdev->hdi_flush_nasid_list.widget_p =
+		kzalloc((HUB_WIDGET_ID_MAX + 1) *
+		    sizeof(struct sn_flush_device_kernel *),
+		    GFP_KERNEL);

This doesn't look right, if widget_p is NULL no alloc ortherwise
overwrite it? Did the order get reversed?

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