INIT handler return does not work

From: Francois WELLENREITER <>
Date: 2006-01-11 02:36:46
                                           Hi everyone,

          first of all, my best wishes for this new year 2006.

Second, I have worked on INIT handler code for BULL NovaScale machines
and it appeared that return code do not work well due to a false argument
returned by OS_INIT function (in fact the pal_min_state pointer
physical address [recorded in r22 register] is not uncached as it is
The reason is that the computation of this register is not well done,
we have a virtual address in region 6 (souding like 0xC00000007F.....)
to be converted into an uncached physical address (0x800000007F....).
I think that the patch in attachment with this mail may correct this error.
Best regards,

                                              Francois WELLENREITER

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