[RE] One last Christmas present

From: Jon Thorpe <dafo_at_0451.com>
Date: 2005-12-23 15:42:05
RYNL has over 1400% volume increase in today’s trading!

Reynaldo's Mexican Food Inc.
Symbol: RYNL
Date: Dec 22 2005
Days High: $0.15

Good Evening Members,

Well today sure has been interesting. Last night we told you about RYNL
a wonderful stock with a long history and a solid foundation for investment.

Today it looks as though many of you agreed.

Today we saw 1480% increase in trading volume and a high of $0.15 in price.
We find this exciting, especially with a strong stock like this. Looks like
this is turning out to be an early Christmas present for a number of our
members. With volume Climbing that fast the price will soon follow.

Keep an eye on this one again tomorrow, with volume pushing the price up, 
we are bound to see RYNL start to move up the market and fast.

For those of you members who missed this boat yesterday we have added yesterdays
information release below for your review. Congratulations to those of you who jumped
on this boat and took a tidy profit from the days trading. We are excited to see
it rise some more tomorrow as we are sure you are too.

Have a great evening, and a great trading day tomorrow.
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