[PATCH 0/3] msi abstractions and support for altix

From: Mark Maule <maule_at_sgi.com>
Date: 2005-12-23 04:15:08

Patch set to abstract portions of the MSI core so that it can be used on
architectures which don't use standard interrupt controllers.

Changes from last version based on review comments:

+ Change uintXX_t to uXX
+ Change _callouts to _ops
+ Renamed the _generic routines to _apic and moved them to a new file
+ Have each msi_arch_init() routine call msi_register() with the desired
  msi ops for that platform.
+ Moved msi_address, msi_data, and related defs out of msi.h and into
  msi-apic.c, replaced by shifts/masks.
+ Rolled msi-arch-init.patch and msi-callouts.patch into a single msi-ops.patch

Note:  I don't have ia32 or non-altix ia64 gear with MSI capable cards.
Could some give this a sanity check to make sure I didn't break the
redefinition of the former msi_address/msi_data bits?


1/3 msi-ops.patch
	Add an msi_arch_init() hook which can be used to perform platform
	specific setup prior to msi use.

	Define a set of msi ops to implement the platform-specific tasks:

	    setup - set up plumbing to get a vector directed at a default
		cpu, and return the corresponding MSI bus address and data.
	    teardown - inverse of msi_setup
	    target - retarget a vector to a given cpu

	Define the routine msi_register() called from msi_arch_init()
	to set the desired ops.

	Move a bunch of apic-specific code out of the msi core .h/.c and
	into a new msi-apic.c file.

2/3 ia64-per-platform-device-vector.patch
	For the ia64 arch, allow per-platform definitions of
3/3 msi-altix.patch 
	Altix specific callouts to implement MSI.
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