PATCH: Fix include/asm-ia64/intel_intrin.h

From: H. J. Lu <>
Date: 2005-12-17 05:54:33
include/asm-ia64/intel_intrin.h doesn't include <ia64intrin.h> and
defines icc intrinsics itself. It doesn't work when <ia64intrin.h>
is included when kernel header is used with icc outside of the
kernel tree. I am enclosing 2 patches here:

1. linux-2.6.9-icc-dummy-1.patch. It removes all contents from
include/asm-ia64/intel_intrin.h. Since noone icc hasn't been used to
build kernel recently, it shouldn't be a problem.
2. linux-2.6.9-icc-8.patch. It changes include/asm-ia64/sn/rw_mmr.h
and rewrites include/asm-ia64/intel_intrin.h with <ia64intrin.h>

I am running the patched linux 2.6.9 compiled with gcc. I compiled
linux 2.6.9 with icc 8.1. But I didn't run the icc compiled kernel. I
don't have SN platform to test SN changes. Could someone please try it
out on SN?



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