RE: [PATCH]: Prevent sn2 ptc code from executing on all ia64 subarches

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-12-16 08:08:15
>> I do recognize that this doesn't cover all the current uses of
>> ia64_platform_is(), but it covers a pretty big chunk of them.
>Which prolly means that I should continue with the solution that was 
>previously put forward.

Not necessarily.  If all the device uses can be fixed with a fake
ACPI table, and if the remaining cases all fall into just a couple
of the six other init levels, then it might be sufficent to just make
sn_init functions for the two levels that are used.

You may need this as a backup plan anyway, the "tuples in the init
table" only has a limited chance of success of getting accepted into
mainline.  Depends on how pretty it comes out, and whether anyone
other than ia64 will actually use it.

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