C++ Template instantiation problem

From: Kriti Dutta <kriti.dutta_at_oracle.com>
Date: 2005-12-14 22:26:03
 I am trying to compile some C++ code using the g++ version 2.96 in a Red
Hat Linux ia64 box.
 And while compiling one of the file which has a lot of code for template
instantiations I get the following error:
	 __gp does not cover short data segment
 moreover compilation of this file takes about a day and then finally I get
the above error.
 I have also tried fragmenting the code into different files even that did
not work and I got some other kind of error:
 	gnu.linkonce relocation truncated to fit: PCREL21B

 If anybody has ever encountered such errors may be he/she can help us with
the workaround available.


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