RE: [BUG] Variable stopmachine_state should be volatile

From: Zhang, Yanmin <>
Date: 2005-12-12 18:06:50
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>>Subject: RE: [BUG] Variable stopmachine_state should be volatile
>>> The right approach is to define ia64_hint to ia64_barrier in file
>>> include/asm-ia64/intel_intrin.h. I tested the new approach and it
>>> does work.
>>Does that get you a "hint@pause" instruction inside the loop?  If not, then
>>it isn't all the way to the "right" approach.


The approach just fixes compiler scheduling barrier problem of cpu_relax, and there is no hint@pause inside the loop.

Today I tried the latest icc, 9.0.027. It provides __hint, a new intrinsic, to support hint@pause. __hint also has the meaning of compiler scheduling barrier. So the best solution is to use __hint(0). The disassembled result showed the new intrinsic did work.

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