RE: [PATCH]: Prevent sn2 ptc code from executing on all ia64 subarches

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-12-10 04:54:13
> I'm not thrilled about this approach.
> I'd *like* to be able to assume that "changes in arch/ia64/sn/* clearly
> don't affect non-SN platforms".  But this style breaks that.  Every ia64
> box calls all these SN init functions, and if somebody forgets the
> ia64_platform_is("sn2") check, bad things will happen.
> I'd like it a whole lot better if all these initialization-type things
> could be hidden inside sn_setup() or some other machine vector.

Me too ... these ia64_platform_is("sn2") are getting sprinkled in
more and more places.

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