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From: Kirk <>
Date: 2005-12-09 06:13:33
   Cash Now Corporation,
   Symbol: CHNW.PK
   Price: .11
   already up 5 cents from Friday Dec 2nd
   Active (strong)

   Volume Has Been Pretty Good Lately With Two Sessions Where Over 10 Million
   Shares Traded. PR Program This Weekend Apprising Potential Investors of This
   One. A new PR campiagn will start Thursday.
   Get in before this starts for the best gains

   Great news just released. This should really start to move!

   The News
   Payday Loan Leader Cash Now Re-Launches Infomercials, Fueling Expansion
   of Licensees and Further Organic Growth Market Wire (Wed 10:00am)

   Payday Loan Leader Cash Now Strengthens Infrastructure to Handle Increase
   in Business -- 'Scaling for the Future' Market Wire (Wed 10:00am)

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