initrd_size inflation breaks initramfs

From: dann frazier <>
Date: 2005-11-28 17:23:46
  I've been trying to track down why initramfs seems to be broken on
ia64 when passed using the initrd= flag.  This appears to be due to an
inflated ia64_boot_param->initrd_size.  In my case, initrd_size got set
to 1957888 (which happens to be a multiple of 4K), when my initramfs
file is actually 1957415 bytes.

unpack_to_rootfs() expects gunzip() to succeed until it has reached the
initrd_size.  Since it thinks the image is larger than it actually is,
it runs off the end of the initrd and the initramfs footprinting fails.
I can get unpack_to_rootfs to succeed by hardcoding my initrd_size.

My guess is that this is a bug in elilo.

initrd.c has:
        /* round up to get required number of pages (4KB) */
        initrd->pgcnt = pgcnt = EFI_SIZE_TO_PAGES(size);

initrd->pgcnt is later used to calculate the initrd_size boot param, but
it is now (size % 4096) bytes too big.
dann frazier <>

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