Re: [Xen-devel] __ia64__ ifdef in xmalloc.c: "Fix ar.unat handling forfast paths"

From: Keir Fraser <>
Date: 2005-11-24 02:37:07
On 23 Nov 2005, at 15:07, Luck, Tony wrote:

>> It's not hard to support arbitrary alignment, at the cost of burning
>> some space. We should probably do that.
> The "we" in that last sentence is the Xen team ... referring
> to making fixes to xmalloc?

Correct. But I've thought more on it and I guess that actually the 
number of cases where we have structures with alignment requirements 
stricter than SMP_CACHE_BYTES will be very small. In fact I can't think 
of any in Xen right now. :-)

So it makes most sense for ia64 Xen to define SMP_CACHE_BYTES to a 
sensible largeish number irrespective of CONFIG_SMP (after all, how 
many uniproc ia64 systems are there), and solve the general alignment 
problem in xmalloc only if we really need to.

  -- Keir

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