Re: [Xen-devel] __ia64__ ifdef in xmalloc.c: "Fix ar.unat handling forfast paths"

From: Keir Fraser <>
Date: 2005-11-23 19:54:46
On 23 Nov 2005, at 02:58, Tian, Kevin wrote:

> Now I think even '16' can't cover all cases. It's possible for a user 
> defined structure with .align directive to force by '32' or larger, 
> and then allocator happens to have similar check upon SMP_CACHE_BYTES 
> like case in this thread. Because both structure definition and 
> allocator may have no idea about IA64 trick of saving space for UP. 
> Max alignment of any C style only solves the natural alignment case, 
> but not above forced one. We can just give its real assumption to 
> SMP_CACHE_BYTES - cache line size. ;-)

It's not hard to support arbitrary alignment, at the cost of burning 
some space. We should probably do that.

  -- Keir

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