[patch] 4 level page table bug fix in vhpt_miss

From: Chen, Kenneth W <kenneth.w.chen_at_intel.com>
Date: 2005-11-17 20:38:42
From source code inspection, I think there is a bug with 4 level
page table with vhpt_miss handler.  In the code path of rechecking
page table entry against previously read value after tlb insertion,
*pte value in register r18 was overwritten with value newly read
from pud pointer, render the check of new *pte against previous
*pte completely wrong.  Though the bug is none fatal and the penalty
is to purge the entry and retry.  For functional correctness, it
should be fixed.  The fix is to use a different register so new
*pud don't trash *pte.  (btw, the comments in the cmp statement is
wrong as well, which I will address in the next patch).

Signed-off-by: Ken Chen <kenneth.w.chen@intel.com> 

--- ./arch/ia64/kernel/ivt.S.orig	2005-11-16 23:35:27.086799703 -0800
+++ ./arch/ia64/kernel/ivt.S	2005-11-17 00:14:51.247903555 -0800
@@ -209,13 +209,13 @@ ENTRY(vhpt_miss)
 	ld8 r25=[r21]				// read L4 entry again
 	ld8 r26=[r17]				// read L3 PTE again
-	ld8 r18=[r28]				// read L2 entry again
+	ld8 r19=[r28]				// read L2 entry again
 	cmp.ne p6,p7=r0,r0
 	cmp.ne.or.andcm p6,p7=r26,r20		// did L3 entry change
-	cmp.ne.or.andcm p6,p7=r29,r18		// did L4 PTE change
+	cmp.ne.or.andcm p6,p7=r19,r29		// did L4 PTE change
 	mov r27=PAGE_SHIFT<<2

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