Re: [Patch 1/1] 4-level page tables v4.

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-11-11 08:49:26
Compiling with three levels, I see some differences in the scheduling
of instructions in the vhpt_miss handler and the nested_dtlb miss
handler.  Side-by-side diff of a disassembly included below (original
sequence is on the left, new sequence is on the right).  For the vhpt
case the new handler is 3 instructions shorter ... but shorter isn't
always better.

Ken, David ... can you cast an eye across these please.


P.S. there are no other instruction differences in the remainder of
the kernel ... a good indication that you managed to dot all the Is
and cross all the Ts when changing the macros in the header files.

a000000100000000 <vhpt_miss>:					a000000100000000 <vhpt_miss>:
a000000100000000:	[MLX]       mov r16=cr20		a000000100000000:	[MLX]       mov r16=cr20
a000000100000006:	            movl r18=0xe		a000000100000006:	            movl r18=0xe
a000000100000010:	[MMI]       mov r25=cr21;;		a000000100000010:	[MMI]       mov r25=cr21;;
a000000100000016:	            rsm 0x20000			a000000100000016:	            rsm 0x20000
a00000010000001c:	            mov r31=pr			a00000010000001c:	            mov r31=pr
a000000100000020:	[MII]       mov.m r19=ar.k7		a000000100000020:	[MII]       mov.m r19=ar.k7
a000000100000026:	            shl r21=r16,3		a000000100000026:	            shl r21=r16,3
a00000010000002c:	            shr.u r17=r16,61;;		a00000010000002c:	            shr.u r17=r16,61;;
a000000100000030:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0			a000000100000030:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100000036:	            shr r22=r21,3	      |	a000000100000036:	            shr.u r22=r21,3
a00000010000003c:	            extr.u r26=r25,2,6;;	a00000010000003c:	            extr.u r26=r25,2,6;;
a000000100000040:	[MII]       cmp.eq p0,p8=r18,r26	a000000100000040:	[MII]       cmp.eq p0,p8=r18,r26
a000000100000046:	            sub r27=r26,r18;;		a000000100000046:	            sub r27=r26,r18;;
a00000010000004c:	      (p08) dep r25=r18,r25,2,6		a00000010000004c:	      (p08) dep r25=r18,r25,2,6
a000000100000050:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0			a000000100000050:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100000056:	      (p08) shr r22=r22,r27;;		a000000100000056:	      (p08) shr r22=r22,r27;;
a00000010000005c:	            cmp.eq p6,p7=5,r17		a00000010000005c:	            cmp.eq p6,p7=5,r17
a000000100000060:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0			a000000100000060:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100000066:	            shr.u r18=r22,36;;		a000000100000066:	            shr.u r18=r22,36;;
a00000010000006c:	      (p07) dep r17=r17,r19,11,3	a00000010000006c:	      (p07) dep r17=r17,r19,11,3
a000000100000070:	[MLX]       srlz.d			a000000100000070:	[MLX]       srlz.d
a000000100000076:	      (p06) movl r19=0xa0000001008980	a000000100000076:	      (p06) movl r19=0xa0000001008980
a000000100000080:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0			a000000100000080:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100000086:	      (p06) shr.u r21=r21,50		a000000100000086:	      (p06) shr.u r21=r21,50
a00000010000008c:	      (p07) shr.u r21=r21,47;;		a00000010000008c:	      (p07) shr.u r21=r21,47;;
a000000100000090:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0			a000000100000090:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100000096:	      (p06) dep r17=r18,r19,3,11	a000000100000096:	      (p06) dep r17=r18,r19,3,11
a00000010000009c:	      (p07) dep r17=r18,r17,3,8		a00000010000009c:	      (p07) dep r17=r18,r17,3,8
a0000001000000a0:	[MFI]       cmp.eq p7,p6=0,r21		a0000001000000a0:	[MFI]       cmp.eq p7,p6=0,r21
a0000001000000a6:	            nop.f 0x0			a0000001000000a6:	            nop.f 0x0
a0000001000000ac:	            shr.u r18=r22,25;;	      |	a0000001000000ac:	            shr.u r20=r22,25;;
a0000001000000b0:	[MMI]       ld8 r17=[r17];;		a0000001000000b0:	[MMI]       ld8 r17=[r17];;
a0000001000000b6:	      (p07) cmp.eq p6,p7=r17,r0	      |	a0000001000000b6:	            nop.m 0x0
a0000001000000bc:	            dep r17=r18,r17,3,11;;    |	a0000001000000bc:	            dep r30=r20,r17,3,11
a0000001000000c0:	[MII] (p07) ld8 r20=[r17]	      |	a0000001000000c0:	[MMI] (p07) cmp.eq p6,p7=r17,r0;;
a0000001000000c6:	            shr.u r19=r22,14;;	      |	a0000001000000c6:	      (p07) ld8 r20=[r30]
a0000001000000cc:	      (p07) cmp.eq.or.andcm p6,p7=r20 |	a0000001000000cc:	            shr.u r19=r22,14;;
a0000001000000d0:	[MFI]       nop.m 0x0		      |	a0000001000000d0:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a0000001000000d6:	            nop.f 0x0		      |	a0000001000000d6:	            dep r21=r19,r20,3,11
a0000001000000dc:	            dep r21=r19,r20,3,11;;    |	a0000001000000dc:	      (p07) cmp.eq.or.andcm p6,p7=r20
a0000001000000e0:	[MMI] (p07) ld8 r18=[r21]	      |	a0000001000000e0:	[MFI] (p07) ld8 r18=[r21]
a0000001000000e6:	            mov r19=cr17	      |	a0000001000000e6:	            nop.f 0x0
a0000001000000ec:	            nop.i 0x0;;		      |	a0000001000000ec:	            dep r23=0,r20,0,14
a0000001000000f0:	[MFI]       nop.m 0x0		      |	a0000001000000f0:	[MMI]       mov r19=cr17;;
a0000001000000f6:	            nop.f 0x0		      |	a0000001000000f6:	            nop.m 0x0
a0000001000000fc:	      (p07) tbit.z p6,p7=r18,0		a0000001000000fc:	      (p07) tbit.z p6,p7=r18,0
a000000100000100:	[MMI]       mov r22=cr25;;		a000000100000100:	[MMI]       mov r22=cr25;;
a000000100000106:	            nop.m 0x0			a000000100000106:	            nop.m 0x0
a00000010000010c:	      (p07) tbit.z.unc p11,p10=r19,32 |	a00000010000010c:	      (p07) tbit.z.unc p11,p10=r19,32
a000000100000110:	[MFI]       nop.m 0x0		      |	a000000100000110:	[MMI] (p10) itc.i r18;;
a000000100000116:	            nop.f 0x0		      |	a000000100000116:	            nop.m 0x0
a00000010000011c:	            dep r23=0,r20,0,14;;      |	a00000010000011c:	            nop.i 0x0;;
a000000100000120:	[MMI] (p10) itc.i r18;;		      |	a000000100000120:	[MMI] (p11) itc.d r18;;
a000000100000126:	            nop.m 0x0			a000000100000126:	            nop.m 0x0
a00000010000012c:	            nop.i 0x0;;		      |	a00000010000012c:	            nop.i 0x0
a000000100000130:	[MMI] (p11) itc.d r18;;		      |	a000000100000130:	[MFB]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100000136:	            nop.m 0x0		      |	a000000100000136:	            nop.f 0x0
a00000010000013c:	            nop.i 0x0		      |	a00000010000013c:	      (p06) br.cond.spnt.many a000000
a000000100000140:	[MFB]       nop.m 0x0		      |	a000000100000140:	[MMI]       mov cr20=r22
a000000100000146:	            nop.f 0x0		      |	a000000100000146:	      (p08) mov cr21=r25
a00000010000014c:	      (p06) br.cond.spnt.many a000000 |	a00000010000014c:	            adds r24=1121,r23;;
a000000100000150:	[MMI]       mov cr20=r22	      |	a000000100000150:	[MMI] (p07) itc.d r24;;
a000000100000156:	      (p08) mov cr21=r25	      |	a000000100000156:	            ld8 r26=[r30]
a00000010000015c:	            adds r24=1121,r23;;	      |	a00000010000015c:	            nop.i 0x0;;
a000000100000160:	[MMI] (p07) itc.d r24;;		      |	a000000100000160:	[MFI]       cmp.eq p7,p6=r26,r20
a000000100000166:	            ld8 r25=[r21]	      |	a000000100000166:	            nop.f 0x0
a00000010000016c:	            nop.i 0x0		      |	a00000010000016c:	            mov r27=56
a000000100000170:	[MMI]       ld8 r26=[r17];;	      |	a000000100000170:	[MMI]       ld8 r25=[r21];;
a000000100000176:	            cmp.eq p7,p6=r26,r20      |	a000000100000176:	      (p06) ptc.l r22,r27
a00000010000017c:	            mov r27=56;;	      |	a00000010000017c:	      (p07) p6,p7=r25
a000000100000180:	[MFI] (p06) ptc.l r22,r27	      |	a000000100000180:	[MIB] (p06) ptc.l r16,r27
a000000100000186:	            nop.f 0x0		      |	a000000100000186:	            mov pr=r31,0xffffffffffff
a00000010000018c:	      (p07) p6,p7=r25 |	a00000010000018c:	            rfi;;
a000000100000190:	[MIB] (p06) ptc.l r16,r27	      <
a000000100000196:	            mov pr=r31,0xffffffffffff <
a00000010000019c:	            rfi;;		      <

a000000100001400 <nested_dtlb_miss>:				a000000100001400 <nested_dtlb_miss>:
a000000100001400:	[MMI]       rsm 0x20000			a000000100001400:	[MMI]       rsm 0x20000
a000000100001406:	            mov.m r19=ar.k7		a000000100001406:	            mov.m r19=ar.k7
a00000010000140c:	            shl r21=r16,3		a00000010000140c:	            shl r21=r16,3
a000000100001410:	[MMI]       mov r18=cr21;;		a000000100001410:	[MMI]       mov r18=cr21;;
a000000100001416:	            nop.m 0x0			a000000100001416:	            nop.m 0x0
a00000010000141c:	            shr.u r17=r16,61		a00000010000141c:	            shr.u r17=r16,61
a000000100001420:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0			a000000100001420:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100001426:	            extr.u r18=r18,2,6;;	a000000100001426:	            extr.u r18=r18,2,6;;
a00000010000142c:	            cmp.eq p6,p7=5,r17		a00000010000142c:	            cmp.eq p6,p7=5,r17
a000000100001430:	[MII]       adds r22=-14,r18		a000000100001430:	[MII]       adds r22=-14,r18
a000000100001436:	            adds r18=22,r18;;		a000000100001436:	            adds r18=22,r18;;
a00000010000143c:	            shr.u r22=r16,r22		a00000010000143c:	            shr.u r22=r16,r22
a000000100001440:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0			a000000100001440:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100001446:	            shr.u r18=r16,r18		a000000100001446:	            shr.u r18=r16,r18
a00000010000144c:	      (p07) dep r17=r17,r19,11,3	a00000010000144c:	      (p07) dep r17=r17,r19,11,3
a000000100001450:	[MLX]       srlz.d			a000000100001450:	[MLX]       srlz.d
a000000100001456:	      (p06) movl r19=0xa0000001008980	a000000100001456:	      (p06) movl r19=0xa0000001008980
a000000100001460:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0			a000000100001460:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100001466:	      (p06) shr.u r21=r21,50		a000000100001466:	      (p06) shr.u r21=r21,50
a00000010000146c:	      (p07) shr.u r21=r21,47;;		a00000010000146c:	      (p07) shr.u r21=r21,47;;
a000000100001470:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0			a000000100001470:	[MII]       nop.m 0x0
a000000100001476:	      (p06) dep r17=r18,r19,3,11	a000000100001476:	      (p06) dep r17=r18,r19,3,11
a00000010000147c:	      (p07) dep r17=r18,r17,3,8		a00000010000147c:	      (p07) dep r17=r18,r17,3,8
a000000100001480:	[MFI]       cmp.eq p7,p6=0,r21	      |	a000000100001480:	[MII]       cmp.eq p7,p6=0,r21
a000000100001486:	            nop.f 0x0		      |	a000000100001486:	            shr.u r18=r22,25;;
a00000010000148c:	            shr.u r18=r22,25;;	      |	a00000010000148c:	            shr.u r19=r22,14
a000000100001490:	[MMI]       ld8 r17=[r17];;		a000000100001490:	[MMI]       ld8 r17=[r17];;
a000000100001496:	      (p07) cmp.eq p6,p7=r17,r0		a000000100001496:	      (p07) cmp.eq p6,p7=r17,r0
a00000010000149c:	            dep r17=r18,r17,3,11;;	a00000010000149c:	            dep r17=r18,r17,3,11;;
a0000001000014a0:	[MII] (p07) ld8 r17=[r17]	      |	a0000001000014a0:	[MMI] (p07) ld8 r17=[r17];;
a0000001000014a6:	            shr.u r19=r22,14;;	      |	a0000001000014a6:	      (p07) cmp.eq.or.andcm p6,p7=r17
a0000001000014ac:	      (p07) cmp.eq.or.andcm p6,p7=r17 |	a0000001000014ac:	            dep r17=r19,r17,3,11
a0000001000014b0:	[MIB]       nop.m 0x0		      |	a0000001000014b0:	[MFB]       nop.m 0x0
a0000001000014b6:	            dep r17=r19,r17,3,11      |	a0000001000014b6:	            nop.f 0x0
a0000001000014bc:	      (p06) br.cond.spnt.few a0000001	a0000001000014bc:	      (p06) br.cond.spnt.few a0000001
a0000001000014c0:	[MIB]       nop.m 0x0			a0000001000014c0:	[MIB]       nop.m 0x0
a0000001000014c6:	            mov b0=r30			a0000001000014c6:	            mov b0=r30
a0000001000014cc:	            br.many b0;;		a0000001000014cc:	            br.many b0;;
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