RE: [Patch 2.6.14] Extend notify_die() hooks for IA64

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-11-08 06:10:39
> 	struct die_args *args = (struct die_args *)data;
> 	switch(val) {
> 	case DIE_BREAK:
>-		if (pre_kprobes_handler(args))
>-			return NOTIFY_STOP;
>+		/* err is break number from ia64_bad_break() */
>+		if (data->err == 0x80200 || data->err == 0x80300)

I just tried merging this patch into Linus latest (which has
some other changes to kprobes.c from Anath).  Maybe I flubbed
the manual merge, but I'm getting compile errors from the
"data->err" dereference.  It looks like this really should read
"args->err" (twice in this line, and once more a few lines
further down).

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