From: Ali Usman <>
Date: 2005-11-07 22:28:30


With due respect to you, I am sorry for any inconveniences or embarrassement 
this my letter of assistance may cause you. I am writing following an 
impressive information we got about you through a consultancy firm under 
UK/USA/CA. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY. Thus we assured your capability 
and reliability to champion a business of great magnitude.

I am Mr.Ali Usman, the managing director of the above mentioned company. 
Base on the assurance given on your behalf, my company has appoint you as 
our debt collector from our overseas creditors. The creditors always send us 
CHEQUES for our payment, but foreign cheque take LONGER time to clear and 
sometimes some of them got lost on transit, which impact a great lost to 
this Company. It is on this effect, we the management outstand a dept 
collect or overseas. You haven been selected on these contract, the 
management has agreed that any debt YOU collected on our behalf, 5% is 
allowed for you as your share while the remaining will be remitted to us 
through wire transfer on our coparate  account.

To commence on this transaction, you are to send the following in your 
1. Name you want the cheque to be raised.
2. Direct telephone and fax numbers
3. Mailing address
4. Your company name if any.
5. Sex/ Age and Occupation.
If you are interested, please reply through my secure email address:

Awaiting your positive reply.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Ali Usman.

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