Re: [PATCH] fix memory less node allocation

From: Bob Picco <>
Date: 2005-11-04 11:10:39
luck wrote:	[Thu Nov 03 2005, 05:33:53PM EST]
> -	if (!ptr)
> -		panic("NO memory for memory less node\n");
> Why did you drop this panic?  Although your patch now
> makes sure to never try to alloc from a memory less
> node ... surely it is still possible (though unlikely)
> that the call to __alloc_bootmem_node() might fail. A
> panic here might be easier to debug than letting it run
> until fill_pernode() does a memset(__va(0), 0, ...).
> -Tony
I dropped it because it seemed redundant. __alloc_bootmem_node calls 
__alloc_bootmem_node_limit who calls __alloc_bootmem_core for this
node. Should __alloc_bootmem_core core fail, then call __alloc_bootmem_limit.
__alloc_bootmem_limit attempts to allocate from any node. Should 
__alloc_bootmem_limit (old name __alloc_bootmem)  fail, then it panics.

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