Re: Recent SPARSEMEM and DISCONTIG changes break some builds

From: Bob Picco <>
Date: 2005-11-01 11:25:28
luck wrote:	[Mon Oct 31 2005, 02:00:46PM EST]
> >Your build must be against -mm because pfn_to_kaddr shouldn't be required
> >in 2.6.14.  The patch below will fix this.
> I was building 2.6.14+(all the bits in Linus' git tree that I pulled
> at about 8:30 PST today).  Presumably this bit has already been moved
> from -mm to -linus?
Actually you are correct. I just updated my local Linus' git tree and 
pfn_to_kaddr is now required for ia64 because of changes in mm/sparse.c.
> Thanks for the patch, I'll give it a spin.
your welcome.
> -Tony
> -
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