patches added to test tree

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-10-06 09:43:35
The following patches have been added to the test tree:

Bob Picco:
  V5 ia64 SPARSEMEM - Kconfig and Makefile
  V5 ia64 SPARSEMEM - eliminate contig_page_data
  V5 ia64 SPARSEMEM - conditional changes for SPARSEMEM
  V5 ia64 SPARSEMEM - SPARSEMEM code changes
  V5 ia64 SPARSEMEM - gensparse_defconfig

Dean Roe:
  [IA64-SGI] Remove references to the SN bist_lock

Greg Edwards:
  [IA64] mbcs_init() should give up unless running on sn2

Jack Steiner:
  [IA64-SGI] Increase max system size of SGI SN systems

Tony Luck:
  [IA64] end of kernel 'data' is at _end, not _edata

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