Re: [Lhms-devel] RE: [PATCH 0/4] V4 ia64 SPARSEMEM

From: Bob Picco <>
Date: 2005-09-28 20:36:06
luck wrote:	[Tue Sep 27 2005, 06:00:32PM EDT]
> >Okay. There was a bug in my Kconfig.  All defconfigs and my own memory model
> >configs build correctly and produce the correct config options.  Below is
> >a replacement for patch 1/4 which I've included for your config testing.  I'll
> >post V5 patchset when we agree on where we want to proceed with config(s).  
> Yup, all my configs now build too (includes some of the distributed ones
> with CONFIG_SMP turned off).  I booted three sample kernels (zx1,
> generic and generic with s/discontig/sparse/) on rx2620 with nothing
> odd happening.
> >I'm thinking all we need is sparsemem_defconfig which is defconfig but with
> >the SPARSEMEM memory model.
> That would do as a starting point ... it gives me an easy hook
> into my automatic build script to make sure that SPARSEMEM is being
> test compiled.
Okay I'll provide this.
> Do you have, or can you generate, the full list of all the combinations
> of memory model related options that Kconfig will accept?
Yes. I can send three of my test configurations: 1) FLATMEM, 
2) DISCONTIGMEM and 3) SPARSEMEM (which will be in sparsemem_defconfig).  This 
should be representative of what you'd like.

I'll post to you privately unless someone on this thread requests them.
> -Tony
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