[patch 2.6.14-rc2 0/5] swiotlb maintenance and x86_64 dma_sync_single_range_for_{cpu,device}

From: John W. Linville <linville_at_tuxdriver.com>
Date: 2005-09-27 07:01:19
Conduct some maintenance of the swiotlb code:

	-- Move the code from arch/ia64/lib to drivers/pci

	-- Cleanup some cruft (code duplication)

	-- Add support for syncing sub-ranges of mappings

	-- Add support for syncing DMA_BIDIRECTIONAL mappings

	-- Comment fixup & change record

Also, tack-on an x86_64 implementation of dma_sync_single_range_for_cpu
and dma_sync_single_range_for _device.  This makes use of the new
swiotlb sync sub-range support.

In this round, the new location for swiotlb is driver/pci/swiotlb.c.
This is the result of discussions on lkml pointing-out that swiotlb is
closely related to PCI.

Patches to follow...
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