Re: ia64 dispersal analysis capability

From: James E Wilson <>
Date: 2005-09-22 07:30:15
On Wed, 2005-09-21 at 13:23, Gary Hade wrote:
> At the time, I obtained a FSF copyright assignment for
> the code at the request of one of the binutils maintainers.
> AFAIK the patch was never incorporated although I do
> not remember seeing any technical concerns from the
> binutils maintainers before I moved on to a different
> project.

I searched the binutils mailing lists for "Gary Hade" and all I found
was a ppc disassembler patch.  Was it ever submitted to the binutils
group?  Maybe it was only submitted to some IA-64 list?  If it only went
to an IA-64 list, that may be part of the reason why it got dropped.

The other part of the reason is probably that there weren't any active
IA-64 binutils developers at the time.  I'm listed at the IA-64
maintainer, but there was a period in 2002-2003 before and after I left
Red Hat where I could not do much IA-64 related work.  Nowadays, we've
got HJ at Intel who does quite a bit of IA-64 related binutils work.

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