RE: [PATCH] Updated /proc/iomem patch

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-09-17 07:02:08
Just a couple of quibbles:

You still tested for md->num_pages == 0 with a comment saying
that this may be the result of trimming.  With the clean-up
to efi_memmap_walk() we don't trim any more, so perhaps this
whole test can go?  I've kept it with a toned down comment
(as paranoia against an implementation of EFI that hands us
a zero sized object).

What do you need from the "Kernel data" information?  Right
now you use _edata as the end point ... which is the end of
initialized data from the kernel Elf file.  But perhaps it
might be more sane to include all the other sections that
follow ... and use "_end" as the endpoint (actually _end
rounded up to a page boundary) ... which neatly fill in the
block of "System RAM" that the kernel is a sub-resource of
without leaving some nebulous hole at the end.  I haven't
changed this yet ... pending your reply on what is needed.

And some minor nits (all of which I've fixed)

use kcalloc() rather than kmalloc+memset

delay calling the allocator until you know you need it

register_memory() throws a warning from the __initcall,
it needs to be an "int" returning function, not "void".

stylistically I don't like "continue; break;"

s/printk("ERROR/printk(KERN_ERR "/

trailing white space deleted


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