Re: [PATCH] mca_drv cleanup

From: Peter Chubb <>
Date: 2005-09-16 13:27:21
>>>>> "Hidetoshi" == Hidetoshi Seto <> writes:

Hidetoshi> There were some trailing white spaces, long lines, and so
Hidetoshi> on.  This patch cleans them.

If you're going to tidy those up, how about changing the style to
conform to Documentation/CodingStyle at the same time?

 	/* whether physical address is valid or not */ 
- if ( !ia64_phys_addr_valid(paddr) ) 
+ if ( !ia64_phys_addr_valid(paddr) ) return ISOLATE_NG;

  if (!ia64_phys_addr_valid(paddr))
	return ISOLATE_NG;

Peter C
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