RE: [RFC] /proc/efi_memmap

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-09-12 14:34:05
>What does Kexec-people really want ?
>Excact EFI memory map ? or physical address map with some attributes ?

Not sure what their exact needs are.

>(exporiting just EFI memmap looks easy but...)
>I think EFI memory map cannot cooperate with memory hotplug and
>will be obsolete in future.
>So more generic "physical memory map" looks good.

Good point.  EFI memory map is static, so the information may
be wrong in a hot-plug memory world.

> > 1) Is /proc/efi_memmap a good name?
>just rename to memory_map and show efi's for now looks good.
> > +	seq_printf(m, "%4d %16.16lx %16.16lx %lx\n", md->type, 
> > +		efi_md_end(md), md->attribute);
>and please define more "generic format".
>If an interface is fixed, we can change implementation.

If this is a general memory map, rather than EFI map, then
yes, the EFI type and attributes aren't helpful.

>BTW, EFI memory map doesn't matches kernel's memory view (by 
>GRANULE etc..)
>It isn't problem for kexec-people ?

I don't see why the new kernel would have the same page and
granule size.  So it may be able to use memory that the old
kernel couldn't.

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