RE: [PATCH] altix: Add volatile qualifiers in places where it seems necessary

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-09-10 06:19:59
>>+			__sn_clrq_relaxed(&ptr->tio.cp_control, bits);
>>+			__sn_setq_relaxed(&ptr->tio.cp_control, bits);
>Breaks the build for bigsur, generic and hpsim configs with several
>"undefined reference to" link errors for these two symbols.
>Probably means that the bigsur/hpsim defconfigs are dragging in
>things that they shouldn't.  But the errors on the generic build
>are more worrying.

Broken generic build was real ... caused by a few missing includes
of asm/sn/io.h to provide the #defines for these macros.

The bigsur/hpsim problems turned out to be a couple of typos in my
auto-build scripts (which turn out to have been building generic
kernels instead of bigsur/hpsim for the past few weeks).

All fixed now.  This patch, and a few others are now in my test tree.

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