RE: efi_memmapwalk re-write (please test)

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-09-09 04:05:45
>-		start += PAGE_ALIGN(k->start);
>-		end = (start + (k->num_pages << EFI_PAGE_SHIFT)) & PAGE_MASK;

But this is just two lines ... I can't see how the unaligned "end" is
escaping past this point!

I do see a bug that the second line should be:

    end = (k->start + (k->num_pages << EFI_PAGE_SHIFT)) & PAGE_MASK;

since the "num_pages" size starts at the start of the block, not
at the possibly rounded up "start".

I'll apply this, and the clean-up bits.  I'd already made a similar
change to uncached.c (which I had mailed out yesterday, but seems to
have disappeared into the ether).

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