Re: [patch] delete sync.i in ia64_switch_to()

From: david mosberger <>
Date: 2005-09-08 03:59:45
On 9/7/05, Jim Hull <> wrote:
> That sync.i is not old code - it is required.

Yes, the sync.i was added by Asit at some point precisely for the
reasons you explained.  I believe we concluded at the time that the
"mf" wasn't needed since we'd be guaranteed to have a fence in the
execution-path anyhow (IIRC, it was due to locks being
acquired/released on the paths in question).  I'm not sure, however,
whether this point has been considered when kernel-preemption support
was added.  The folks caring about CONFIG_PREEMPT may want to
reconsider that issue if not.

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