[PATCH 2.6.13-rc4] Remove unnecessary function declarations

From: takeuchi satoru <takeuchi_satoru_at_jp.fujitsu.com>
Date: 2005-07-29 17:33:26

I resend this patch because I sent the previous mail
without Subject: line.

Satoru Takeuchi

This patch removes unnecessary function declarations in

Signed-off-by: Satoru Takeuchi <takeuchi_satoru@jp.fujitsu.com>


 include/asm-ia64/iosapic.h |    2 --
 1 files changed, 2 deletions(-)

diff -puN include/asm-ia64/iosapic.h~my-patch include/asm-ia64/iosapic.h
--- linux-2.6.13-rc4/include/asm-ia64/iosapic.h~my-patch	2005-07-29 15:23:18.000000000 +0900
+++ linux-2.6.13-rc4-takeuchi/include/asm-ia64/iosapic.h	2005-07-29 15:23:18.000000000 +0900
@@ -78,7 +78,6 @@ extern int iosapic_remove (unsigned int 
 #endif /* CONFIG_HOTPLUG */
 extern int gsi_to_vector (unsigned int gsi);
 extern int gsi_to_irq (unsigned int gsi);
-extern void iosapic_enable_intr (unsigned int vector);
 extern int iosapic_register_intr (unsigned int gsi, unsigned long polarity,
 				  unsigned long trigger);
@@ -95,7 +94,6 @@ extern int __init iosapic_register_platf
 					   unsigned long trigger);
 extern unsigned int iosapic_version (char __iomem *addr);
-extern void iosapic_pci_fixup (int);
 extern void __devinit map_iosapic_to_node (unsigned int, int);
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