Re: curious compiler-warning

From: James E Wilson <>
Date: 2005-07-12 11:55:22
On Mon, 2005-07-11 at 16:00, david mosberger wrote:
> arch/ia64/kernel/time.c:198: warning: format '%u' expects type
> 'unsigned int', but argument 5 has type 'unsigned int'
> Argument 5 here is a bit field declared as:
>   unsigned long field : 32;

This looks like a bug to me.  There have been some significant changes
to the bit-field support over the last few years.  There were some cases
where we were non-conforming with respect to C89: getting sign/zero
extension wrong, performing operations with the wrong precision.  Plus
some changes were needed for C99 support.  It looks like these changes
have accidentally broken the -Wformat support.

Just taking a quick look, I don't see any existing bug report for this,
so I created a new one.  This is now FSF gcc bug 22421.

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