RE: Xen and the Art of Linux/ia64 Virtualization

From: Magenheimer, Dan (HP Labs Fort Collins) <>
Date: 2005-07-12 01:09:45
> On Wed, 29 Jun 2005, Magenheimer, Dan (HP Labs Fort Collins) wrote:
> > Also unlike Xen/x86, Linux/ia64 with CONFIG_XEN enabled runs 
> > successfully on Xen, but also run natively on hardware (called 
> > "transparent paravirtualization").
> That's neat indeed.
> > This should be appealing to Linux/ia64 distributors as different
> > kernels need not be shipped for running on Xen or running native.
> What's the performance impact for using transparanent 
> paravirtualization? 
> Is it sufficiently low that distributors really can consider using a 
> single kernel for both native and Xen "hosting"?

I ran a test over the weekend comparing 2.6.12
compiled for a zx1 (rx2600) vs the same with transparent
paravirtualization enabled.  The test is compiling linux-2.6.12
(several times... I interrupted the second run) in
single-user mode.

As you can see, the performance impact is "in the noise".

If someone wants to run a benchmark that can be measured
with better precision than 1 part in 1000, please let
me know.



transparent paravirtualization
[djm@localhost djm]$ egrep '^real|^user|^sys' *048    18m42.709s    18m26.588s     0m25.431s    18m33.756s    18m27.412s     0m25.480s    18m34.987s    18m28.532s     0m25.700s    18m35.458s    18m28.976s     0m25.502s

native 2.6.12
[djm@localhost djm]$ egrep '^real|^user|^sys' *753    18m43.805s    18m27.958s     0m25.181s    18m34.283s    18m27.864s     0m25.414s    18m34.513s    18m28.247s     0m25.362s
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