[RFD] Separating struct task and the kernel stacks

From: Keith Owens <kaos_at_sgi.com>
Date: 2005-06-10 16:15:11
I have the MCA/INIT per cpu stack code to the point where I can
reliably enter mca.c using an MCA/INIT stack that is different from the
normal kernel stack.  However these separate stacks are now getting
problems because struct task is embedded in the kernel stack.

Switching stacks requires that struct task is copied from the original
"current" to the MCA/INIT stack, then change current to point to the
new stack.  Even that is not enough, there are still places that are
using the old value of "current".  The main problem is the scheduler,
it tracks tasks by the address of their struct task, not by the kernel
stack address.  When debugging an MCA/INIT, the mismatch between the
new value of current and the old task addresses in various structures
can lead to some very confusing results.  The kernel is not designed to
have struct task move around on the fly.

i386 handles multiple kernel stacks by moving struct task to a slab
allocator and leaving just struct thread_info in the stack.  Switching
a process from one kernel stack to another does not require any changes
to current nor to any task pointers.  Just copy thread_info from the
old to the new stack, add a back pointer to the previous stack and
continue processing.

I can continue trying to handle the MCA/INIT stacks with various
kludges in ia64 and common code, but it is not nice.  Separating struct
task from the kernel stack is a lot cleaner.  Before I go too far down
this path, are there any violent objections to moving struct task out
of the kernel stack?

Since the slab allocator uses addresses in region 7, we do not need any
extra hard wired TLBs for the separate struct task.  The alt-DTLB
handler will load the TLB on the fly, it does not need any stack data
to do that.

This change would remove the last vestige of
__HAVE_ARCH_TASK_STRUCT_ALLOCATOR from the kernel.  Only ia64 defines
that symbol, every other architecture uses separate struct tasks.

Add separate interrupt stacks like i386, and we could even reduce the
size of the kernel stack for each process.  CONFIG_16KSTACKS anyone?

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