Re: flush_icache_range

From: David Mosberger <>
Date: 2005-06-04 07:09:04
Looks fine to me.  The large number of shifts in the setup-code is a
bit unfortunate, but compared to the savings the larger stride
achieves on today's systems, this penalty is minor.  Still, if you
could find a sequence that's nicer to McKinley-type cores (with a
single shifter), that would be a plus.

The other slight concern I have is that if somebody calls
flush_icache_range() before cpu_init() has been called the first time,
it won't work.  We can probably live with it, but it would have been
nicer if there had been a clean way to default to stride==5 initially.

I think the patch is close enough that it should be put in the kernel.

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