Re: flush_icache_range

From: Menyhart, Zoltan <>
Date: 2005-06-03 08:55:42
David Mosberger wrote:

>  Zoltan> unique_caches - cache_levels == 2
>  Zoltan> I could not find anything making sure that we've got in this
>  Zoltan> case L1I and L2I, and not L1I and L3I (feeding through the
>  Zoltan> unified L2). Yes, I know there is no such a CPU (at the
>  Zoltan> moment) but the PAL spec. does not exclude it :-)
>I don't think it matters whether you pick up the stride from an
>i-cache or a unified cache.  As long as you take the minimum stride,
>it will work correctly.
I mean:
- if the cache of a given level is split, then we need to take the stride
   size of the i-cache:
   pal_cache_config_info(level, /* cache_type = */ 1,...)
- if the cache of a given level is unified, then we need to take the stride
   size of the unified/data cache:
   pal_cache_config_info(level, /* cache_type = */ 2,...)
In my example I know only that some (but not all) the levels are split.
Guessing the existence of a split cache by not obtaining an "Invalid
argument" error form "pal_cache_config_info()" is a bit weak method...



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