RE: [patch 0/4] ia64 SPARSEMEM

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-05-27 07:34:24
>I went back and reviewed Jack's email.  I must be blind but don't see why
>he would need more than 44 bits of physical memory bits.  I agree that
>should you need 50 bits for physical address bits then you should use
>32 bits for SECTION_SIZE_BITS.

Jack's e-mail only really covered the banks of memory within a node.  A
physical address on Altix looks like this:

      | 0   | NASID | AS | BN | 00 |     bank-offset          |

Where "NASID" is a physical node number ... 11 bits I think
      "AS" defines the type of memory ... 2-bits with value 0x3 for normal memory
      "BN" is the bank number within a node.

A system with N nodes doesn't necessarily have NASIDs assigned 0, 1, ... N-1

It is theoretically possible to build a 2-node system with NASIDs of 0 and 2047
[though SGI have told me that this isn't usually done].  But just for grins the
memory map for this with 4G on each of the two nodes looks like:

Node 0:
	0x0000003000000000-0x000000303FFFFFFF (bank 0)
	0x0000003400000000-0x000000343FFFFFFF (bank 1)
	0x0000003800000000-0x000000383FFFFFFF (bank 2)
	0x0000003C00000000-0x0000003C3FFFFFFF (bank 3)
Node 1:
	0x0001FFF000000000-0x0001FFF03FFFFFFF (bank 0)
	0x0001FFF400000000-0x0001FFF43FFFFFFF (bank 1)
	0x0001FFF800000000-0x0001FFF83FFFFFFF (bank 2)
	0x0001FFFC00000000-0x0001FFFC3FFFFFFF (bank 3)

(and I may have slipped a binary bit here ... perhaps SGI only
needs 49 bits, not 50).

>> a smaller number ... his banks of memory all start on 4G boundaries,
>> but could be as small as 1G ... can you have a chunk with an empty
>> tail?).

You didn't explicitly answer this question ... all the banks in the Altix
start on 4G boundaries ... but the DIMM size is 1G ... so will this compell
them to use a CHUNK size of 30 (to handle the 1G increment), or can they
use 32?

>Well worse case it would consume 2^(1(50-32)+3) (2 Mb).  I would hope that 
>it's not configured for 28 SECTION_SIZE_BITS and 50 physical. This would
>be excessive 2^((50-28)+3 = 32Mb and not advised.

I think they need 49 and either 32 or 30 ... depending on whether a chunk
has to be fully populated.

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