Re: [patch] improve SMP reschedule and idle routines

From: Ingo Molnar <>
Date: 2005-05-17 17:40:37
* Nick Piggin <> wrote:

> David S. Miller wrote:
> >I'll test this once you work out that obvious bug.
> >
> David's got it tested and working. No difference in the tbench
> test reported for SPARC64.
> Following are some numbers for a tbench 3.03 test: 1 client, 1 server
> in different configurations.
> Xeon and G5 seem to be significantly improved on the order of 1-5%. I2 
> may be slightly down, but if it is significant I expect real world 
> workloads to be either not impacted, or hopefully some might see a 
> small improvement.
> [...]

> Unless anyone has an objection, I'm going to hack up untested 
> implementations for the rest of the architectures and see if Andrew 
> will put the patch in -mm for a while.

the patch looks good to me and builds / boots on my testsystems (x86, 
x64) too.

Acked-by: Ingo Molnar <>

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