RE: heads up: apparent GAS bug in current (CVS) binutils

From: Lu, Hongjiu <>
Date: 2005-05-14 04:48:35
Hi David,

I think it is the result of the usage of weak function. I am enclosing a
testcase to show it. The correct approach is to use comdat section group
or linkonce section. The problem will go away. I will see if I can come
up with a kernel patch.

H.J. Lu
Intel Corporation

>-----Original Message-----
>From: David Mosberger []
>Sent: Thursday, May 12, 2005 2:56 PM
>Cc: Lu, Hongjiu
>Subject: heads up: apparent GAS bug in current (CVS) binutils
>Just a quick heads up (it's late here and I'll be on travel tomorrow
>so I don't have time for a proper investigation/bug-report at the
>If I build the kernel with the assembler from the current CVS
>binutils, I see these errors:
>ERROR: proc_set_irq_affinity: 179742 slots, total region length = 36
>ERROR: idle_regs: 68847 slots, total region length = 15
>The error in proc_set_irq_affinity() is definitely real and a result
>of the assembler (the assembly code generated by GCC looks fine).  I
>didn't check on idle_regs.
>readelf -u vmlinux shows this:
><proc_set_irq_affinity>: [0xa00000010000ef60-0xa0000001000f9000], info
>at +0x765
>  v1, flags=0x0 (), len=8 bytes
>    R2:prologue_gr(mask=[rp,ar.pfs],grsave=r34,rlen=8)
>        P7:pfs_when(t=0)
>        P7:rp_when(t=7)
>    R1:body(rlen=28)
><move_irq>: [0xa00000010000f0c0-0xa00000010000f250], info at +0x75da00
>Note how the end-address of proc_set_irq_affinity() is _way_ beyond
>the start-address of the next function, move_irq.  Clearly something
>weird happened here.
>If I use the standard Debian/sarge assembler, these errors go away and
>the unwind-info looks sane.
>	--david

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