Re: [RFC] pcibus_to_node implementation for ia64

From: Christoph Lameter <>
Date: 2005-05-11 16:51:18
On Tue, 10 May 2005, colin ngam wrote:

> >How do I make the function return the correct result?
> This is the correct result - with respect to which node the
> bus/device/function is directly connected.  Either than using this
> function in pcibus_to_cpumask(), what other purpose is this routine
> targeted?  I assume you want the node id for memory placement?  If that
> is the case it may return the wrong node id.  If you expect this node id
> to have cpus(to feed the result to get pcibus_to_cpumask()), it may
> return the wrong node id.

It needs to return a node id that the system knows about. The zonelist
for the node will take care of memory placement.

> There is always a node associated with the device - the issue is that
> the node may not have cpu but has memory, or may not have both memory
> and cpu.  I am a little bit confused about your comment above and the
> usage of pcibus_to_cpumask().  Are you using sn_pcibus_to_node() to
> target memory placement and pcibus_to_cpumask() to target interrupt?

pcibus_to_node is currently only used to target memory placement. It can
return -1 for unknow or any node id that the page allocator knows about.

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