Re: [PATCH] memory less nodes

From: Greg Edwards <>
Date: 2005-05-06 13:17:31
On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 11:28:26AM -0400, Bob Picco wrote:
| Tony,
| I reworked how nodes with only CPUs are treated.  The patch below seems
| simpler to me and has eliminated the complicated routine
| reassign_cpu_only_nodes.  There isn't any longer the requirement
| to modify ACPI NUMA information which was in large part the
| complexity introduced in reassign_cpu_only_nodes. 
| This patch will produce a different number of nodes. For example,
| reassign_cpu_only_nodes would reduce two CPUonly nodes and one memory node
| configuration to one memory+CPUs node configuration.  This patch
| doesn't change the number of nodes which means the user will see three.  Two
| nodes without memory and one node with all the memory.
| While doing this patch, I noticed that early_nr_phys_cpus_node isn't serving
| any useful purpose.  It is called once in find_pernode_space but the value
| isn't used to computer pernode space.  

FWIW, I tried this patch out on a couple different Altix configurations,
and didn't see any problems with it.

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