Re: catching up on the backlog

From: Darren Williams <>
Date: 2005-05-05 15:19:51
Hi Luck,

On Wed, 04 May 2005, Luck, Tony wrote:

> >> I've picked through the list of patches in my backlog, and applied
> >> this bunch to my release tree ... before I ask Linus to pull, it
> >> would be useful to get some SGI testing (since the majority of the
> >> changes are SGI related).
> >
> >Thanks to SGI we can now help with sn testing. I cloned the testing
> >tree today, compiled and booted on Altix350 4way successful.
> Darren,
> Thanks for running the test.  I notice that you said "I cloned the
> testing tree" ... which tree did you pull from?  Despite my earlier
> assertion that I was going to filter things through:
>   rsync://
> before putting them into the release tree:
>   rsync://
> that huge bunch of backlog all went into the release tree.

I cloned from

Just tested the relaese tree now:
  Build OK, boot OK

> -Tony

 - dsw

Darren Williams <dsw AT>
Gelato@UNSW <>
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