RE: catching up on the backlog

From: Luck, Tony <>
Date: 2005-05-05 03:26:04
>It appears that you've missed the following two patches:
>   date    subject
>   03/22   [PATCH] move nodepda pointer out of pda
>   03/23   [PATCH] convert some sn SAL_CALLs to ia64_sal_oemcall calls

Ok, I've applied these locally.  I can't connect to at the
moment (I think the machine I need is being upgraded at the moment). I'll
push them up as soon as I can.

>When I apply them to your 'release' tree then everything builds cleanly.
>By everything, I'm including the 'SGI Altix cross partition functionality'
>patches you just applied. (They're the xp* files listed below.)
>Note that to build these I had to set 'CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN_XP=m' during
>the 'make oldconfig'. (I had copied 'arch/ia64/configs/sn2_defconfig' to

Do you want to send me an updated sn2_defconfig?

>The system booted and ran just fine on an SGI Altix.

Great.  Thanks for testing.

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