Re: ia64 git pull

From: <>
Date: 2005-04-22 09:01:13
> It's mainly a clue to bad practice, in my opinion. I personally like the 
> "one repository, one head" approach, and if you want multiple heads you 
> just do multiple repositories (and you can then mix just the object 
> database - set your SHA1_FILE_DIRECTORY environment variable to point to 
> the shared object database, and you're good to go). 

Maybe I just have a terminology problem?

I want to have one "shared objects database" which I keep locally and
mirror publicly at

I will have several "repositories" locally for various grades of patches,
each of which use SHA1_FILE_DIRECTORY to point to my single repository.
So I never have to worry about getting all the git commands to switch
context ... I just use "cd ../testing", and "cd ../release".

But now I need a way to indicate to consumers of the public shared object
data base which HEAD to use.

Perhaps I should just say "merge 821376bf15e692941f9235f13a14987009fd0b10
from rsync://"?

That works for interacting with you, because you only pull from me when
I tell you there is something there to pull.

But Andrew had a cron job or somthing to keep polling every day.  So he
needs to see what the HEAD is.

Does this make sense ... or am I still missing the point?

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