Re: ia64 git pull

From: <>
Date: 2005-04-22 07:55:43
Adding linux-kernel to Cc: list, as I'm sure Linus wants to hear from
all maintainers, not just those that hang out on the linux-ia64 list.

>On Thu, 21 Apr 2005, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>Btw, just in case it wasn't obvious anyway: I based pretty much _all_ of
>the git design on three basic goals: performance, distribution and
>integrity checking. Everything else pretty much flows from those three

>But I really tried to make sure that git ends up not just working as a
>system for me to apply patches, but as a system for me to merge other
>peoples work. And I think technically, git does that merge thing very 
>well, and it's certainly living up to my expectations.

>However, I kind of knew what my expectations _were_ in the first place,
>and as such the thing is very much designed for what I think I needed to
>have to work with you guys. Making it fit the old workflow was obviously a
>big deal, but I don't know how people really worked on the "other end",

>In other words, what this digression is leading up to is just me saying
>that if you have feedback on how this whole git thing is working for
>_you_, please don't feel shy. I realize that it's a bit raw and rough
>right now, and people are working on making for better interfaces, but if
>you have some particular worry or issue, don't feel like git was forced
>upon you as a fait accomplí, but complain and tell me what your biggest
>problems are.

>I may not be able to do a lot about them (the unmentioned fourth basic
>goal was obviously: simple enough that I could actually implement the dang
>thing), but still..

>So if there's some feature (or _lack_ of one) that really bugs you, speak 

I can't quite see how to manage multiple "heads" in git.  I notice that in
your tree on that .git/HEAD is a symlink to heads/master ...
perhaps that is a clue.

I'd like to have at least two, or perhaps even three "HEADS" active in my
tree at all times.  One would correspond to my old "release" tree ... pointing
to changes that I think are ready to go into the Linus tree.  A second would
be the "testing" tree ... ready for Andrew to pull into "-mm", but not ready
for the base. The third (which might only exist in my local tree) would be
for changes that I'm playing around with.

I can see how git can easily do this ... but I don't know how to set up my
public tree so that you and Andrew can pull from the right HEAD.

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