Re: API changes to the slab allocator for NUMA memory allocation

From: Manfred Spraul <>
Date: 2005-03-30 15:56:48
Christoph Lameter wrote:

>The patch makes the following function calls available to allocate memory on
>a specific node without changing the basic operation of the slab
> kmem_cache_alloc_node(kmem_cache_t *cachep, unsigned int flags, int node);
> kmalloc_node(size_t size, unsigned int flags, int node);
I intentionally didn't add a kmalloc_node() function:
kmalloc is just a wrapper around 
kmem_find_general_cachep+kmem_cache_alloc. It exists only for 
efficiency. The _node functions are slow, thus a wrapper is IMHO not 
required. kmalloc_node(size,flags,node) is identical to 
kmem_cache_alloc(kmem_find_general_cachep(size,flags),flags,node). What 
about making kmem_find_general_cachep() public again and removing 

And I don't know if it's a good idea to make kmalloc() a special case of 
kmalloc_node(): It adds one parameter to every kmalloc call and 
kmem_cache_alloc call, virtually everyone passes -1. Does it increase 
the .text size?

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