Re: __IA64_UNCACHED_OFFSET undefined...

From: Jes Sorensen <>
Date: 2005-03-16 22:02:55
>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Chubb <> writes:

>>>>> "Jes" == Jes Sorensen <> writes:
>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Chubb <> writes:
Peter> Hi, Changeset
Peter> introduced new functions into include/asm-ia64/uaccess.h, and
Peter> broke IA64 compilation.  I think it needs the attached
Peter> additional change:

Jes> I'm fine with the change, just curious what your config is - it
Jes> compiled fine for me when I pushed it.

Peter> Uniprocessor ZX1: see
Peter> and

I assume it was just an old config you used? Anyway if you add a
signed-off-by I'll be happy to forward it to Linus.

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