kernel update (relative to 2.4.29)

From: Bjorn Helgaas <>
Date: 2005-03-15 10:43:19
The ia64 kernel patch for Linux 2.4.29 is available here:

The current 2.4-based ia64 tree is also available as a BitKeeper
repository.  You can browse the changelog and the source files with a
normal browser at:

or you can use the BitKeeper tools to maintain a local copy of the
tree like this:

    $ bk clone bk:// linux-ia64-2.4


IA64-related changes since 2.4.26:
  * Perfmon:
    - use seq_file for /proc to avoid buffer overflows (Stephane Eranian, Dean Nelson).
    - fix /proc/pal/CPU*/bus_info descriptions (Stephane Eranian).
    - fix perfmon "BEER promotion" typo (Stephane Eranian).
    - clear sampling buffer at init (Stephane Eranian).
  * Misc bug-fixes:
    - allow IO port space without EFI RT attribute (Bjorn Helgaas).
    - fix FPH state check to keep task from seeing another task's regs (Arun Sharma).
    - fix pte_modify bug that allowed mprotect() to change too many bits (David Mosberger).
    - add unw_unwind_to_user() sanity check (Keith Owens).
    - add missing syscall slot.
    - fix ptrace corner cases (Yanmin Zhang).

N.B.  While testing this patch, I noticed that the ptrace fixes caused
anything linked with the profiling libc in Debian to fail.  The same
thing happens with the current 2.6 kernel, so I think the problem is
most likely in the Debian profiling libc.

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