Re: [RFC] Enhanced show_stack output to add backing store regs

From: Matthew Wilcox <>
Date: 2005-03-12 07:25:26
On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 11:40:04AM -0700, Bob Montgomery wrote:
> argument registers and some of the locals for each function leading
> to the oops.  Note: this doesn't capture function arguments per se,

I've been wanting this for a while.  I think it'd be *very* useful.

> The current vs. proposed is shown below.  Thanks for any comments
> and advice.

I know your patch leaaves this unchanged, but I don't think it's helpful
to show the 'show_stack' and 'show_regs' frames.  Can we get rid of them,
or is there a reason they're useful?

> Call Trace:
>  [<a000000100012940>] show_stack+0x80/0xa0
>                                 sp=e0000001200df960 bsp=e0000001200d8fb8
>  [<a0000001000131c0>] show_regs+0x800/0x820
>                                 sp=e0000001200dfb30 bsp=e0000001200d8f60
>     r32 : e0000001200dfc50 r33 : 0000000000000000 r34 : e0000001200dfd08
>     r35 : e0000001200dfcc8 r36 : e0000001200dfce0 r37 : e0000001200dfca0
>     r38 : e0000001200dfc90 r39 : 00000fffffffbfff r40 : a000000100036b50
>     r41 : 000000000000040e r42 : e0000001a00dfbce
>  [<a000000100036b50>] die+0x150/0x280
>                                 sp=e0000001200dfb40 bsp=e0000001200d8f20
>     r32 : e0000001200dfbd0 r33 : e0000001200dfc50 r34 : 0000020200000010
>     r35 : a00000010066a1b8 r36 : a00000010066a1bc r37 : a000000100036cc0
>     r38 : 0000000000000309 r39 : a00000010056ebe8

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