RE: PCI Express

From: Nguyen, Tom L <>
Date: 2005-03-08 10:32:10
On Monday, March 07, 2005 3:12 PM Jesse Barnes wrote:

>On Monday, March 7, 2005 3:03 pm, Nguyen, Tom L wrote:
>> On Monday, March 07, 2005 12:41 PM Colin Ngam wrote:
>> > I looked at Documentation/MSI-HOWTO.txt(linux-ia64-release-2.6.11)
>> >
>> > it mentioned that CONFIG_X86_LOCAL_APIC has to be configured.  I
>> not
>> > find this configured on in any sample ia64 config files, but it
>> > exist in defconfig for i386.  Is this just an ia32 config option?
>> IA64 uses SAPIC instead of IOxAPIC. SAPIC, which is somewhat similar
>> IOxAPIC, is included in IA64 kernel. MSI/MSI-X support configuration
>> option therefore is always available in IA64.

>So the MSIs are programmed to point at the processor SAPIC block?  I
>that'll work for us on Altix, but if they're pointed at an external
Intel >(or 
>compatible) interrupt controller, we'll have to write new code for

MSI/MSI-X message address is programmed to point at specific processor,
not an external Intel interrupt controller, as a target.

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