RE: [Patch 0/3] Page table quicklist fixups Rev 3.

From: Chen, Kenneth W <>
Date: 2005-03-05 09:33:56
Luck, Tony wrote on Friday, March 04, 2005 11:58 AM
> >You tell me what to do.
> At the moment I'm hoping somebody smarter will chime into this thread
> (either to point out a great solution, or to tell me that I'm a dork
> and this code is perfectly reasonable, so I should quit quibbling).
> Overall the patch is great ... it's solving a real problem in an elegant
> way.  It's just this little corner of how to shrink the quicklists that
> I'm trying to get right.

One other possible solution I can think of is to use schedule_delayed_work
API.  You can schedule one per node every one second interval and have the
work function re-arm itself.  It has several pros:

1. Addresses the concern that Tony has with SETI eating up all the idle
   ticks and check_pgt_cache() may never get a chance to run.
2. once work is scheduled, you don't need to dance with batch count.
   Just keep on freeing in one while loop since it is running in a kernel
3. Potentially, call to check_pgt_cache from tlb_finish_mmu() can be
   removed, making process exit faster.
4. And last, probably not important, addresses my concern of broken model
   (freeing memory in idle loop).

Just my 2 cents, only worth what's on the paper.

- Ken

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